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Spring Onions

“We tick all the supply chain boxes, so all you have to worry about is your customers”

Planned ProductionPlanned Production

We use only known and experienced growers, growing to specified time and quality schedules. Each of our import programmes is backed by our on-the-ground expert cultivation advisory service.

Quality controlled growing and harvestingQuality controlled growing and harvesting

Using only the highest growing and harvesting standards, approved and accredited by International Safety and Quality Standards Agencies.

Fast, local packingFast, local packing

Maximising product quality by minimising the time between harvesting and packing. Using on farm packing, fast processing, pre-cooling and specialised MA (modified atmosphere) bags we ensure just-picked quality.

Bespoke Air Transit ServiceBespoke Air Transit Service

By air – Using cold chain from packing station to airport, using dry ice, insulated packing from airport to UK, then cold chain distribution in the UK.

Bespoke Sea Transit ServiceBespoke Sea Transit Service

By sea – Loading pre-cooled, high cube, reefer, sea containers in the packing station, sealed from packing station to customer.

Our service to you from experience gained over 25 years in the industry

  • From your programme we identify the appropriate grower.
  • We agree a growing and harvesting plan which matches your requirements.
  • We manage and monitor the growing and harvesting process.
  • Using only tried and tested distribution partners we manage the distribution process from field to warehouse.
  • Our information systems allow us to track your products from field to warehouse and we keep you constantly updated online with the progress of your shipment.

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